Restoration price is estimated depending following:

  • Overall damage and the character of damage. For instance – photos with minor scratches or photos with emulsion cracks/scratches over all image.
  • The position of the damaged spots. For instance – scratches, stains or damage
    on the simple background or on face,  costumes or on complicated background.
  • One needs an artistic experience to be able to fix the missed parts of the image. This repair is considered to be difficult and the fixing price is higher.
  • The price  for coloring depends on the details quantity. Single portrait costs less, than an image with a group of people.
  • The restoration of an old damaged photos (especially Wartime Photos) is always
    a highly precise. This work takes a lot of time and it is more expensive.
  • The fixing cost also depends on the size of photos. The physical size of photo-graph,which you want to print.The bigger size takes more time in fixing the small details, so it takes more working time.
    Important: The cost of restoration is calculated individually for each photograph.
    Low resolution files, or files with digital artefacts are not accepted.


1st level.

Technical retouching, cleaning small spots, scratches or fractures not touching face or complicated elements of image. Simple color correction, enhancing sharpness.
Examples of photo retouching

from $10−$30

2nd level.

Retouching, cleaning spots, scratches or fractures  on  face, body or difficult (small) details of the image. Fixing defects on the complicated backgrounds. Detailed (selected) color or tone correction. Simple collage (changing the background). Adding or removing simple elements.
Examples of photo restoration

from $30−$50

3rd level.

Fixing or removing multiple spots, scratches, fractures or any other defects over all the image. Restoring the missed pieces of image. Restoring missed pieces of face, body or complicated backgrounds. Removing the texture of photo paper. Coloring single portraits with simple background.
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from $50 and up

4th level.

Working with group photographs. Removing multiple defects on the image with several faces, bodies. Restoring the ripped photos. Coloring the group photos or photographs with lot of details. Complicated collage.
Сomplex photo restoration

from $100 and up

Note: In some most difficult cases, when the amount of work goes beyond the above men-tioned levels, the hourly rate is used previously. This hourly rate is a matter of preliminary agreement with client.