Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy contains the explanation of how the obtained information is used and how to contact us in case of any queries or difficulties.

1. What information is needed from you?
In case you have decided to use our photographic services, you have to provide us with your email address, and indicate your name. This is essential to legalise your Contract, clarify the details of your order and, if necessary – to maintain the order. Besides you’ll get the information regarding the process of fulfilling the order, and invoicing. Make sure that your information is correct prior to placing the order.
2. How do we use your personal information?
Your email address and your name will be used exclusively to execute the Order and to keep you informed regarding the fulfilling the order. Plus to be able to get in touch with you during the process of making your Order. Your email address will never be used by no condition to send you any newsletters or any promotional information.
Your personal information will not be rendered to any Third Parties unless the cases due
to the Russian legislation.

3. Security.
We’ll take all technical means to protect your personal information from any possible illegal access, blocking, changing, copying, developing or any other illegal actions from the Third Parties.
4. Contacts.
In case of any queries, and/or problems with our Privacy Policy, please contact us to this email: