How It Works

Step 1. How to make an Order.
Through the Order Form you send a scan of your image. It is mandatory to describe your intentions regarding the picture restoration. Please pay attention to the final size of the edited image, because the price depends on the size you want to get after the restoration.
Step 2. Estimating the cost.
After receiving the file, I examine the condition of the image (photograph) and the
possibility to restore. And I make an estimation due to the Price List. I send to you the
estimation and approximate dates for delivery of repaired image.
Step 3. Client’s approval of the order conditions.
If you are satisfied with the terms, you confirm an order by the email. I start working on your image.
Step 4. Preliminary viewing.
When I finish, I send to you the test version of image (with water-marks) for you approval or your recommendations (corrections) regarding the final result. If you are satisfied with the result  I will send my PayPal account details to you.
Step 5. Payment and receiving the fixed image.

After transferring the agreed amount onto my account, I send to you a file with a full version in maximum resolution without the watermarks.

Several important issues:

  • There is no balk discounts, because every job is unique and requires certain amount of time.
  • I  do not make an urgent orders (for instance – in 24 hours).
  • The delivery dates are discussed in advance and normally it takes from 5 to 14 calendar days, depending on the amount, difficulty of work and number of orders I work on at once.
  • I  leave the right to refuse the order if I am not sure about the final result. This happens if the quality of picture is extremely poor, or Clients requirements are beyond my possibilities.