Restoring  photographs means a full range of works, including different levels of the retouching, tint and color correction of the whole image or image elements, detailed coloring of black and white photographs, photomontage and replacing the backgrounds.

These types of works can be devided into three groups:
1. Easy (technical) retouching.
Fixing some minor defects from the original image, such as small spots, scratches, emulsion defects, cracks.
This kind of work does not require extraordinary skill, but may take a lot of time in case of multiple defects.
2. Difficult (artistic) retouching.
Fixing picture defects on faces, bodies or on complicated textures or elements of image. Restoring the lost parts of the image. Restoring torn photographs. Deleting the photo paper texture. Photo montage.
This kind of work requires artistic skill, accuracy and long time experience. It takes
a lot of time to achieve good results.

3. Working with color.
Tint and color correction. Restoring desaturated photographs. Tinting black and white photos. Coloring black and white photos.
Artistic skill and long time experience are required for coloring black and white photographs. And it is a time-consuming job since the realistic result can be achieved just using a lot of tins for each element of the image.
The samples of works are represented in the Gallery